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RMLA Youth Program

The Rocky Mountain Llama and Alpaca Association Youth Program begins each year on January 1st and ends December 31st, the same year.

Questions? Please contact Kathy, Program Administrator, at rmlaeditor@gmail.com

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All youths must be a RMLA Youth Member in good standing to participate in this program.

RMLA Youth Guidelines and Information

The Youth Committee, in concert with the RMLA Board, is excited to welcome all youth members to participate in the Youth Recognition Program. This is a point-based incentive program to encourage involvement and participation from our youth members. Members will receive points based on their participation in three areas of emphasis: participation in RMLA events, community outreach, and education. All youth members will have the opportunity to earn each of the incentive awards based on their involvement in the following categories, and youth will be rewarded for earning multiple points in each of the three categories.

  • Participation in RMLA sanctioned events.
    Examples include showing at the National Western Stock Show or volunteering to assist with activities. RMLA events are a marketing tool and should portray alpacas/llamas positively and professionally. Again, members will be rewarded for showing or volunteering at such events.
  • Community outreach.
    Community outreach refers to efforts that connect RMLA’s ideas or practices to the public. Community outreach takes on an educational component that engages the community. Community outreach is key to the RMLA mission. Some acceptable examples of community outreach include hosting events, training, and participating in local events. Festivals and community events are great places to interact with the community. It also raises awareness, provides a face for our organization, and allows you to share takeaway content to help people you meet remember you and visit the RMLA website to learn more.
  • Education.
    Education improves one’s knowledge, skills and develops the personality and attitude in ourselves and others. Examples of educational activities include attending seminars or workshops sponsored by RMLA or other organizations on the care or showing of llamas and alpacas. Other examples are writing an informational or educational article for the RMLA Journal or submitting a photograph with captions to be published on the RMLA website or in the RMLA Journal.

The Youth Recognition Program uses SurveyMonkey to keep track of youth member participation. Once you have participated in a qualifying event or completed a qualifying activity click here and tell us what you did. Youth members will need to complete an individual survey for each of the activities they participated in. The reporting period will run from January 1, 2022, through December 31, 2022. Incentive awards may include but are not limited to, clothing items, show supplies, promotional items, and educational books or materials. All prizes will be mailed to all qualifying youth participants by February 28, 2023.

In closing, we need youth members to get involved and promote this enjoyable hobby. Let’s get out there and grow our membership, our knowledge, and the future of RMLA!


Want to join RMLA?

RMLA is open to and welcomes all people interested in becoming members.


Want to join RMLA?

RMLA is open to and welcomes all people interested in becoming members.