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Enjoy this sample Journal of the RMLA.

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Table of Contents:

RMLA News from Your Board
From the Editor
Welcome New Members!
Prescott Arizona Christmas Parade
A Letter of Thanks
Estes Wool Market Is Back
Ask the Vet: Vaccinations
Upcoming RMLA Events
A Letter of Appreciation
Triangle Loom Weaving
Leasing Program Offers New Opportunities for Youth
Two Well-Deserved Retirements
Ask the Vet: Importance of Monitoring Body Weight
PacaBuddies 2021 Fall Event
Coconino Camelids
COVID-19 in Deer - Should We Be Concerned?
Ask the Vet: Bloat in Camelids
Llamas and Birds
Reconnecting with Friends and Re-Vising Skills
Don't Freeze Your Fecals!
The Llama, the Hamster, and a New Path for COVID Treatment
Save Our Stash
Meet the Beauty Queens of Al Dhafra

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