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Table of Contents:

  • Exciting Changes to the 2020 Youth Recognition Program by Morgan Barba
  • President's Letter, Winter, 2019 by RMLA Board
  • Building a Packing Community by Alexa Metrick
  • Betsy Bell's Llama Legacy by Lynda Liptak
  • Labor & Delivery in Camelids by Caroline Benham, DVM, CSU
  • Establishing Effective Antifungal Medication Dosing in Alpacas by Sean Anderson-Vie at Morris Animal Fndn
  • From the Minds & Fleece of Alpacas by Susan Unser
  • PacaBuddies September 2019 by Ron Hinds
  • Small Town Fun by Linda Hayes
  • Keeping Frustration Levels LOW by Marty McGee Bennett
  • Winding Road to a Higher Ground by Gayle Woodsum
  • 2019 Annual Meeting by Lougene Baird
  • The Gear, Part 1 by Charlie Hackbarth
  • From Veterinarian to Woodworker by Robert Callan, DVM, CSU
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