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Table of Contents:

  • President's Letter, 2019, Spring by RMLA Board
  • Jekyll & Hyde by Morgan Barba
  • How to Catch a Llama or Alpaca by RMLA Board
  • RMLA Member Conference by RMLA Board
  • Pack Llama Trail Association by Pack Llama Trail Association
  • Briding the Gap: Alpacas & Llamas by Gary Jones
  • Soul of Fleece by Susi Hülsmeyer-Sinay
  • Each Piece is a New Lesson by Susan Unser
  • How Things Are…or Are They? by Marty McGee Bennett
  • 2019 Fairplay Llama Event by RMLA staff
  • Large Lama Rescue Near Fairplay, Part 1 by Lynda Liptak
  • Alien with Questionable Documentation Joins Tribe by Susan Unser
  • Do You Ear What I Ear - Hearing & Ear Ticks by CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital
  • Education & Outreach: Spring Plans by Susi Hülsmeyer-Sinay
  • Using Pack Llamas to Improve Your View by Alexa Metrick
  • Product Labeling by Chris Switzer
  • Give Your Natural Colored Fiber the Red-Carpet Treatment by Nancy Wilson
  • PacaBuddies Spring Event by Gary Jones
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