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Table of Contents:

  • Board Letter, Winter, 2018 by RMLA Board
  • Your Lama Needs to Know How to Back Up by Linda Hayes
  • Camelidae & the Flu by RMLA staff
  • Buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride by Susan Unser
  • Aberrant Behavior Syndrome by John Mallon
  • Theriogenology - A Specialty by Jordan Robins, WSU
  • Llamas by Malachi Abel
  • Bridging the Gap: Alpacas & Llamas by Gary Jones
  • Revitalizing Llama & Alpaca Education & Outreach by Susi Hülsmeyer-Sinay
  • Creating Marled Yarn by Nancy Wilson
  • What do you do when? by Ron Hinds
  • Berserk Male Syndrome or...Novice Handler Syndrome? by Marty McGee Bennet
  • Fiber Artist? Who, Me? by Elizabeth Cline
  • PacaBuddies Educational & Marketing Event by Gary Jones
  • Colostrum Management in the Cria, by Ben Turchin, CSU
  • Born to Lead by Susi Hülsmeyer-Sinay
  • Alpacas on the Rocks by Jane Levene
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