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Table of Contents:

  • President's Letter Spring 2018 by RMLA Board
  • RMLA's Shining Stars by Marshal Rutledge
  • Hope Pass Aid Station by Kelvin Eldridge
  • Importance of Mentors by John Fant
  • Old What's-His-Name by Charlies Hackbarth
  • Join the Excitement in Fairplay by RMLA staff
  • Here We Go Again-llama ban by Ron Baird
  • 2017 Youth Awards by RMLA Staff
  • Camelid Antibodies in Science & Medicine by Robert Callan, DVM, CSU VTH
  • 2017 Bobra Goldsmith Leadership Award by Ron Baird
  • Christmas in Prescott, AZ by Linda Hayes
  • Make an Automatic Milk Feeding Bucket by Tawny Bott
  • 2018 National Western Stock Show by Judy Glaser
  • Custom Supplement Blended for Your Ranch by Bob Riley
  • Prince Charming Goes Packing by Susi Hülsmeyer-Sinay
  • Argentine Type Llama by Paul Taylor
  • Barn Tips, 2017 by Carol Millard
  • Remember to Take That Step by Marty McGee Bennet
  • 2018 RMLA Youth by Marshal Rutledge
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