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Table of Contents:

  • Board Letter, Winter 2017 by RMLA Board
  • Alpacas on the Rocks by Jane Levene
  • Another Year on Hope Pass by John Fant
  • Llamas & Alpacas Love a Higher Ground by Gayle Woodsum
  • Hartsel by Kelvin Eldridge
  • Pack Llama Ban in Alaska & the Future by Susi Hülsmeyer-Sinay
  • Don't Teach Your Llama or Alpaca to Rear by Marty McGee Bennet
  • Amadeus: The Story of a Friendship by Susi Hülsmeyer-Sinay
  • It's All About the Ears by Katie Simpson, DVM, CSU VTH
  • Vitamins & Minerals for Llamas & Alpacas by Bob Riley
  • Ruminations, 2 by John Mallon
  • The Crooked Wood Story by Jeff Sandberg
  • Llama Training by Christian Abel
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