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Table of Contents:

  • President's Letter, 2017 Summer by Lougene Baird
  • Fairplay Llama Event, A New Perspective by Kelvin Eldridge
  • RMLA Youth on the Move by Marshall Rutledge
  • Olds College Master Spinner Program by Nancy Wilson
  • Retraining the Older Lama & Possible the Handler by Marty McGee Bennet
  • Reach for the Sky, Hope Pass Aid Station by Gary Carlton
  • Together, Lamas & a Fair Might Just Change the World by Gayle Woodsum
  • Using Cranial Nerves to Evaluate the Function of the Brain & Brain Stem by Tim Holt, DVM, CSU VTH
  • Top 5 Things You Need In a Medical Kit by Charlene Arendas, DVM
  • Let's Go, Llamas by Susi Hülsmeyer-Sinay
  • How to Train Your Llama in 10 Minutes by John Mallon
  • Pack Trial Update for Leadville 100 by John Fant
  • Make Your Own Felted Soap by Emaly Leak
  • Body Scoring When You Shear that Fiber by RMLA Staff
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