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Table of Contents:

  • Youth Happenings by Marshal Rutledge
  • President's Letter by RMLA Board
  • Promoting Our Llamas by Mary Vavrina
  • Fun at the Annual Meeting by Ron Hinds & Geri Rutledge
  • A Magical Summer Trip by Fiona Caruthers
  • Parasites, Part 1 Treatment & Control by Stacy Byers, DVM, CSU
  • Hello from Hope Pass by John Fant
  • Giving: A year in the Making by Geri Rutledge
  • Teaching to Pack by Marty McGee Bennet
  • Cooper's Walk, Part 2 by Susi Hülsmeyer-Sinay
  • Rebirth of Ancient Skills Revitalizes by Simon Willis
  • Electric Shears - Blades, Care & Maintenance by Joe Viola
  • Top 10 Qualities Farm Kids Bring to the Work Place by Rachel Kagay
  • An Enriching Llama Experience by Linda Hayes
  • Surviving in the Wilderness by Charlie Hackbarth
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