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Table of Contents:

  • Youth Happenings by Marshal Rutledge
  • RMLA Annual Meeting by Rmla Board
  • Fairplay Wrap Up by Gary Carlton
  • The End is in Sight by Linda Hayes
  • Nutrition by Robert Callan, DVM, CSU
  • Because of the Economy, Black & Blue Show by Judy Glaser
  • Llama Alpaca Camp 2016 by Geri Rutledge
  • 26th Annual Estes Park Wool Market/Llama Show by Jill Knuckles
  • RMLA Education News by Mary Vavrina
  • Cooper's Walk by Susi Hülsmeyer-Sinay
  • Estes Park Wool Market Highlights Youth & Fiber by Cheryl Juntilla
  • Snow Dyeing by Kathy Kenworthy
  • Barn Tips by GALA & RMLA
  • Cold Weather Management Tips by Stephen Hull and Tom Cameron
  • Assessing an Animal Prior to Calling Your Vet by International Camelid Inst.
  • Update on the Heska Element POC by Stacy Byers, DVM, CSU
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