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Table of Contents:

  • President's Letter Summer 2015 by RMLA Board
  • An Unexpected Response by RMLA staff
  • RMLA Is on Facebook by Ron Hinds
  • ABC's of Llamas with Kids by Jerry Dunn
  • Safety Recommendations for Llama & Alpaca Costumes by Vicky Southwick
  • A "Yarn" 20 Years Old by Cheryl Juntilla
  • Parasites in Camelids, Part 2 Treatment & Control by Stacy Byers, DVM, CSU
  • Know Your Predators! by Ron Hinds
  • Stars N Stripes Show by Geri Rutledge
  • Toenails....Practically Speaking by Marty McGee Bennet
  • Join the Excitement at the Fairplay Llama Race/Walk by Gary Carlton
  • Lama Rama Fun by Gary Carlton
  • RMLA Fiber Booth at Fairplay Llama Races & Burro Days by Sandy Lockwood
  • Hope Pass Aid Station on the Leadville 100 Mile Run by Gary Carlton
  • Llama Owners Come Together by Linda Hayes
  • Engaging the Fugitive Lama by Jerry Dunn
  • Ccara Llama Screening Seminar by Linda Hayes
  • Llamas Color Your World by Patti Morgan
  • Camel Fiber & Spinning by Chris Switzer
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