Rocky Mountain Llamas

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Rocky Mountain Llamas
Mary Vavrina
7202 North 45th Street
Niwot, CO, 80503
Call: 303-530-5575

Outfit your packers with gear that is trail-tested and llama-approved. We sell Timberline pack systems; the best-fitting llama halters for the trail and everyday use; and lots of other pack equipment, llama supplies, books and DVDs, and more.

  • Halters and Leads
  • Pack Systems
  • Trail Equipment
  • Llama Fiber and Yarn
  • Grooming Supplies
  • Books and DVDs
  • Used Gear
  • Bargain Bin

The farm store north of Boulder is open by appointment.

Order online for fast shipping.

Call or email anytime. We love to talk about llamas.

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