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Behavior and Training Questions

Marty McGee Bennett’s first llama jumped off the back of a pickup truck and into her heart in 1981.  Since then, Marty has devoted her professional life to the well-being of llamas and alpacas and the education of camelid enthusiasts.  Marty brings a variety of experience and qualifications to her work with camelids, including a  B.S. degree in Animal Behavior and many years spent as a professional fiber artist.  Marty’s knowledge of the science of behavior, combined with 35 years of experience with TTEAM and TTouch (The Tellington-Jones Every Animal Method) and the principles of balance and leverage has made Camelidynamics popular with owners and veterinarians alike. Her second sense with both animals and people makes “Camelidynamics” the world’s most enduring training/handling system for camelids.

Conducting hundreds of clinics in North America and around the world, including numerous trips to Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Scandinavia have kept Marty on the road for much of the past 35 years.  In 2005, Marty founded the Camelidynamics Guild which includes an online forum and the Camelidynamics Consultancy Program. For more information, log on to www.camelidynamics.com.

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