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Program begins January 1, and the ends December 31,

On this page you will find information about the RMLA Youth Awards Program.

NOTE: These pages may be printed so it can be filled out by hand and mailed to:

Contact Information:
Marshal Rutledge
RMLA Youth
2948 N.W. First
Lincoln NE   68521



  • A Youth joins the Annual RMLA Youth Awards Program(YAP) by paying the $25 membership fee by the April 15th, .  You may join or renew any time after Jan. 1 to be a member to April 1 of the following year.

To join RMLA, please go here.

  • A new youth member between will need to pay for their membership prior to acquiring points for the current program.
  • Youth are divided into 3 age groups;   Junior 8-11, Intermediate 12-14 and Seniors 15-17.                Your age as of January 1st, determines which group you will be in for the year.
  • Youth do not need to be a member of a show organization or 4H extension to join.  Youth do not have to own an animal, borrowing and being a guest or family member with others is fine.
  • An activity points chart has been created to explain the activities that will allow a youth to earn points throughout the year.  The chart below will accumulate points for your activities. The committee will decide any exceptions to the listed activities.
  • Activities must be reported within 14 days of the event. 

AWARDS will be given out at the beginning of the next calendar year.

  • Overall High Point – The Youth with the most points in all ages regardless of age division.
  • High Point and Reserve High Point given in each age division.
  • Prizes will be determined by the Youth Committee and funds available

Activities will need to be reported by the Youth to the Chair:  Marshal Rutledge

A confirmation email of your selections and entries will be sent to the email you enter in your report.

CHAIR: Marshal Rutledge   RMLA Youth    2948 N.W. First   Lincoln NE   68521

  • Activity reports are due 14 days from the date of the event, after that date your participation will not be counted.
  • Please use the Youth's Name consistently in reporting  (i.e.  Luke or Lucas; Liz or Elizabeth)
  • A full description of the activity will help the committee to understand the event you participated in and if the points you selected are the approprate bhow many points should be awarded.  Don't leave us guessing.

    The RMLA Youth Committee reserves the right to all final decisions on amount of points awarded to youth based on the reporting and information received.  The Committee will not give out youth information and will not give out updates of points earned.  This is up to the youth to keep track of their own information throughout the year.   Good Luck and have fun with your animals in .

  • Please keep your email, phone and address information updated to receive YAP news and bulletins. (Send email or address changes to RMLA Membership chair with CC to Marshal Rutledge)

Activity Report


  • There is an option at the very bottom to attach photos, media, projects, flyers, magazine reports to support the report given below. Be prepared to submit these items before you begin. Files are required to be only in the following formats: .PDF, .zip, .doc, .docx, .jpg or .jpeg.   It is best to consolidate all the files into a single directory or folder, or compress all the files into one .zip file.  Maximum file size is 15MB.  You may email the documents directly to Marshal or snail mail them.
  • Please limit the total number of photos for each event to the best top 5 - quality, not quantity.
  • Please identify the people (and the animals in the photos.
  • All fields are required to be filled in. Except the last 'additional information' and the file and/or URL submissions at the end.)
  • Complete the submission below and click on SUBMIT at the bottom.
  • Type Carefully! It is possible to resubmit the same screen for a different persons by hitting your back button.
  • This submission page (as well as submissions on the entire RMLA website) has anti-spammer features built-in.  Odd characters such as Å, µ, ã, ä, ŕ, etc., any repeating characters such as smsms, ususus, q7sq7sq7s, etc. and submissions that contain 'very bad words' may prevent you from completing you submission. You will get a message immediately after Submit to alert you to a problem. The three fields that are not included in these checks is the email address and the two submission fields at the very bottom. If you find that you need exceptions, send a message to web(at)rmla.com. Also, if you are on vacation outside the US and try to submit items, your IP address may also prevent entries.  Thank you

YOUTH: First Name   Last Name:

What was your age on Jan. 1, ?

Date of Event:
(mm/dd/yyyy )
Today's Date and Time: Saturday 17th of February 2018 05:24:16 PM
(Submission must be made within 14 days of event date. This submission will be time stamped.)

Your (or your parent's) email address:
You will receive a confirmation email of the information you submitted.

Total Points     

Value 5 Points Value 10 Points Value 15 Points Value 20 Points

Attend Monthly 4H Meeting  (1/month) (registered with extension)

Show ALSA or AOA Youth Class entry only Alpaca or Llama Attend and participate in State Conference L or A Vet School Open House Local Vet or University
200 Word Essay on Camelids (1/mo) County Fair Show Registered to Show L or A Exposition Day Farm Store Advertised Public Event RMLA Youth Fundraiser Donations to RMLA YOUTH
Volunteer 2 hours List organization benefited Nursing Home Visit Planned 2 hr event Showmanship Clinic Sponsored Event Parade Event Community Organized
Meet N Greet Event with animals (2 hr minimum) Media Interview Radio, TV, Newspaper Camp Llama or Alpaca Per Day Event Visit School/ Daycare with advertised/planned event
Bring a friend to event Conference Camp Should not be L/A Owner, new to this Volunteer at Information booth for L/A Organization 2 hour minimum Sign up a NEW RMLA Member, cannot be member in previous years Education Clinic/Training or Showing related to Llama and Alpaca
Get new friend to join your local 4H group Exhibition Show Only Public Event advertised Attend 4 H Day Camp Any subject matter Donate item to silent auction at EPWM
Write report on Shearing Day and how you are using the wool this year Volunteer for another owner Farm Open House *Not for personal gain Make a 15 dollar donation to the RMLA Youth Award Program Make a 20 dollar donation to the RMLA Youth Award Program

Reporting Information

What is the Title and Type of Activity?

Was the event advertised to the general public? Provide media information

How long did the activity last?

How many people attended the activity?

Did you take Llamas or Alpacas to the activity or event?


Is this an Annual or Community Event sponsored by an Organization? What Organization?

How many youth participated in the activity?

What did you learn at this activity?

If this was ALSA or AOA show, tell about the animal(s) you entered.

List the animal(s) shown and in which youth classes.
Additional classes of Showmanship or Youth Judging.

What was the best part of the event?

If this was a Conference, what organization sponsored and what were the topics?

Please describe donation or item given to silent auction.

Give additional information: (This field is not required.)

You may submit either a web address (http://www..... ) (a.k.a.: URL) OR browse your computer and attach a file, however, neither is required.

• Web Address Submission:
You may submit an Internet web address such as www.Dropbox.com/.......   (Copy and paste, please)

(This field is not required.)

• Attach a File:
Attach photos, media, projects, flyers, magazine reports to support the report given below. Files are required to be only in the following formats: .PDF, .zip, .doc, .docx, .jpg or .jpeg.   It is best to consolidate all the files into a single directory or folder, or compress all the files into one .zip file.  Maximum file size is 15MB. 

(This field is not required.)