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Service Directory Advertisement
Service Directory subscribers will receive a 'Full sized farm, ranch or business page on RMLA.com .

On the Front/Main webpage of RMLA.com:
An alphabetical list of advertisers will appear on the front page of RMLA.com with link to 'your' page. Also listed your specailities like Breeding, Boarding, Packing, Equipment & Products, etc.  For a full list look at the RMLA.com main page and scroll down to see the Service Directory Command Center.      

Your web page address::
To make it easy to access your page or to use the address in your advertising your web page address will be:          www.RMLA.com/your_business
Reference it as you would your own site.


If you are providing photos, pictures, etc. via email or CD. Pictures/photos should be in one of these formats:

.JPEG/.JPG) (preferable to all other formats)
MS Word
Contact Ron Hinds if you have another format.


The limit on email files is 10MB. Any graphic above that, burn a CD and mail it to:

% Ron Hinds
5704 Canyon Trail
Elizabeth, CO  80107

Please make checks payable to only RMLA.


Still have questions?

Contact Ron at:


or 303-646-1320.

Here is what is included for your RMLA web page:
1. Maximum size of the webpage will be 1000 pixels in length x 800
     pixels wide  (about 8 1/2"x14").
2. You can have the background of your choice.
3. You can have up to 250 words (classified ads, descriptions, etc).
4. You have a space for one logo/business card and 3 additional

     pictures (about 250px H x 300px W). (in color please!)
    Images may be cropped and modified for faster web browsing.   
5. You can have a small-medium table of information if you wish.
6. Your contact information, web links, address, phones, email web
     link(s), etc.

 ALSO... Please, no real estate or financial institution ads.

Providing Content for your webpage:
Your web page address: It is highly recommended that all pictures, words(text), logos, Business cards be sent to the webmaster in digital form. That is, either by email or burn a cd and mail it.  If you are unable send your photos, pictures business card, etc. in digital form by via email or a CD and mail all your hard copy information (with a check for $30, payable to RMLA) to the address below. 
Always remember there is a 10MB limit on any files sent by email.

Instead of using PayPal... a printable SD order form is available and can be downloaded here.  You may fill it out and mail a check.  If you do, you can stop here, no need to fill out the form below.

% Ron Hinds
5704 Canyon Trail
Elizabeth, CO  80107-7814

rockymtnlama@gmail.com or 303-646-1320.

Please make checks payable only to RMLA.

     Introductory cost: $30.00  

You may use PayPal (on the next page) or mail a check.

Please make checks payable to RMLA. All money is deposited in RMLA accounts.

    NOTE: Fields with are required.    
  Please complete the form below then proceed to payment via PayPal or check.  

Name your RMLA.com webpage:
Please follow these suggestions to name your RMLA.com webpage:
Keep it simple and short, don't use any spaces, use only lower case letters, but you may use the underscore '_' or dash '-'.

  Name of your webpage: www.RMLA.com/ (no .html)  
  Name: First:    Last:  
  Select the categories of the products and/or services you provide:  
Boarding Breeding Commercial Packing Fiber & Garments Equipment & Products Leasing Publications Special Services Stud Services Vitamins & Minerals
    NOTE: It is expected that visitors to your business or website will quickly find the above products or services available as advertised.  
  Address:  Mailing:
Check here if Physical address is different from Mailing address.
   Please enter your Physical Address:

  City:     State:  Zip:    
Confirm Email: