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Membership Application and Renewal

Yearly membership runs from April 1 through March 31
(You can join anytime after Jan. 1 and you will be paid for the following membership  period 4/1 - 3/31)

You may join at anytime during the year, but to ensure that your information will be published in our printed "Membership Directory," your membership must be received by March 31 each year.

RMLA Membership categories and benefits:

  • Regular adult membership $40 per year. Allows up to two adults to vote. Includes a ranch/farm listing on this web site.
  • Life membership one-time fee of $500 entitled to all of the above, with special recognition in the membership directory and on the web site. May be paid in four quarterly installments of $125.00 each.
  • Youth membership $25 per year. For young llama lovers under 19 years of age. $15 of youth dues goes to youth awards program.
  • Young Adult membership $10 per year. For the former Youth members only, who are students beyond high school. Allowed one vote.
  • One Journal is mailed to each address.

If you rather download and print out a membership form,
you can find it here.

Membership type is selected on the next page.
For a Youth or YA, fill in the DOB below and complete the form below.
Youth or Young Adult Date of Birth: (mm/dd/yyyy):

All members receive Directories, Journals and/or Newsletters, one copy per address, when they are published. If you provide an email address, you will also receive urgent or timely lama related messages.

The RMLA (Temp) Membership chair is Ron Hinds, he can be reached at 303-646-1320 or membership@rmla.com


Membership Join/Renewal
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  Alpacas:  Females:  Intact Males:  Non-breeders:  
  Paco-Vicuñas:  Females:  Intact Males:  Non-breeders:  
Please check your interests:
 Feed Products
 Guard Animals
RMLA is a volunteer organization.
Please check the committees you are interested in working with

 Elections & Nominations
 Email Communications

 Print Publications*
 Social Media
 Youth and/or 4-H
*Calendar, CFL&A, Journal and/or Youth Manual

(Interim) Membership Chair is:   Ron Hinds - 5704 Canyon Trail -  Elizabeth, CO 80107-7814   303-646-1320