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RMLA Sponsored Event Planning Packet
Event Chairperson – Mary Wickman
Thank you for requesting RMLA sponsorship of your event. RMLA is excited to support additional exposure for alpacas/llamas and their owners with different events. RMLA events are a marketing tool and should portray alpacas/llamas in a positive and professional way. The following information will help answer your questions about the requirements for RMLA sponsorship and insurance coverage. To provide a safe and fun event please, review the following guidelines for events, and consider them in your final decision making process.

  • GOALS: Are your goals and outcomes clearly defined for your event before applying for RMLA sponsorship?
  • ACTIVITIES: What kind of activities are you planning for your event? All activities must conform to the mission statement contained in the General Provisions of the RMLA Bylaws and be approved by the RMLA Board of Directors.
  • KNOW YOUR CAPABILITIES: Can you safely manage participants and animals in a decisive and calm demeanor?
  • LOCATION: Have you identified a safe and appropriate location for your event?
  •  PERMITS: Contact the facility manager in advance with a proposed date and an alternate date, and possibly an alternate location. If there are any changes keep the agency and the RMLA Event Chair informed of your plans.
  • RMLA INSURANCE: The policy is for liability insurance only and the limit is $1,000,000. The insurance protects RMLA from claims by other persons for damages and/or personal injuries they may have suffered as a result of negligence by someone acting on behalf of RMLA. In addition, the liability insurance protection is extended to RMLA members participating in an RMLA sponsored event who may cause someone else damage and/or injury. Facilities requiring proof insurance can request a certificate.
  • LIABILITY SIGNS: RMLA Release of Liability signs must be posted at the sign-in table and at entry gates for spectators and participants. The sign reads as follows: "Participation in an RMLA sponsored event constitutes your release of RMLA and it agents, servants, and employees from any and all liability for any acts and omissions committed including negligent acts resulting in property damage, personal injury and/or death." If the event is to be held in Colorado or New Mexico, the appropriate limited liability sign must be posted at the event registration table or trail head. The Liability Warning Sign for Colorado states that "Under Colorado Law, a llama professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in llama activities resulting from the inherent risks of llamas activities, pursuant to section 13-21-119, Colorado Revised Statutes." For other states, please refer to the liability statutes in your state.
  • ANIMALS: Do the participants need health certificates for their animals to participate in your event? Have a veterinarian on call or present at your event.
  • SAFETY: Is there safe housing and/or parking for the participants and their animals? First aid experience for human and llamas/alpacas should be available. Determine where the emergency exits are for buildings and trails. Instruct handlers and observers in appropriate behavior and handling skills in case of an emergency. Use two-way radios or walkie-talkies to communicate with your staff.
  • EQUIPMENT: Check all obstacles and tack for safe usability during your event.
  • MAINTENANCE: Include tools for repairs and plastic bags to clean up droppings.
  • PUBLICITY: Notify the local media (newspapers, TV stations, radio) of your event. Write a pre-event notice for the RMLA news line.


    1. All RMLA Release of Liability banners and RMLA signs need to be returned to the Events Chair following your event.
    2. Write an article for the RMLA Journal with photos.
    3. Return any borrowed RMLA equipment.

The RMLA Board wishes you the best of luck with your event.

 Please print this page and keep for your event CHECKLIST.

Please fill out the RMLA Event Application form:
as a .PDF, a MS Word.docx, or an MS Word.doc
   Revised 12/10/2016