Johne's Disease


There seems to be some controversy re-emerging regarding Johne's Disease
in camelids and how that relates to Johne's Disease in other livestock.
This issue is very cloudy to say the least. The first question is, as
always, "Can llamas and Alpacas get Johne's Disease?". Unfortunately,
the answer to this is YES, THEY CAN. Fortunately, the disease is quite
rare. We do not know if this is because there is some species barrier to
Johne's in llamas and alpacas or, perhaps, this is simply a result of
different management presenting lower risk factors. I have conducted
some field serological surveys in Ohio and have done fecal cultures on
dozens of "chronic weight loss, hypoproteinemia" alpacas and llamas and
have not found a positive llama or alpaca for the disease. We keep
looking, but the disease does seem quite rare. From what we know of
other species, we expect that adults would be extremely resisteant to
pick uo the disease walking through a park. The crias - especially under
6 months old, as the most likely to be infected should they come into
contact with the organism. However, this is a serious issue needing
affirmative answers. 

Some literature that may help:

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We will try to keep you appraised of what is going on with this disease

David E Anderson, DVM, MS, DACVS
Ohio State University

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