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Floyd Dancing

This note is a reminder about the upcoming Ccara llama rendezvous soon approaching on May 17 and 18 at the fairgrounds in Boise ID, sponsored by the North American Ccara Association, NACA.  There will be presentations on a variety of subjects related to breeding and packing with athletic (Ccara) llamas. There will also be opportunities to have your llamas screened for entry into the NACA registry, and to observe llamas being screened with explanations. Please register with Nancy Hester to have your llamas screened. There is no charge for attendance and what a great time to meet and visit with fellow llama packers, breeders and their llamas.
We hope everyone around the country is enjoying spring, (or at least glimpses of spring like here in Wyoming) and looking forward to getting out with their llamas, we know the llamas are always looking forward to an outing.
We hope to see you in Boise. for local info and  stalls are available.
Please visit the NACA website
Note: ID requires a certificate of veterinary inspection to bring in out of state llamas.


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