Information about the Fairplay Pack-Run/Walk Llama Event

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             SUMMARY: July 29, 2017 from 8am to about 2pm
  • Check-in prior to 9am
  • Select llama(s)
  • Line up for the race/walk
  • Complete the 3 mile course
  • Hand off llama(s) to handlers at finish line.
  • Enjoy walking around Fairplay for food, snacks, ice cream, gift shops, visit tent vendors in the front lawn of Park County Library.
  • Enjoy the afternoon.


    When you arrive in Fairplay, here is what to do, whether you signed up online or day of race:
    Participants arriving early will have a better chance of finding llama(s).
  • Go to Check-in/registration. It's the gazebo next to the Hand Hotel. (see map on next page)
  • You will be checked off and verify that you have paid. ($30/participant)
  • You will be given a participant number for the front of your shirt & safty pins to attach it.
  • You will be given an official t-shirt.
  • Find a group and llama(s) to run/walk with:
  • (There is no guarantee that you will get a llama. Llama numbers vary from year to year.
  • Participants arriving early will have a better chance of finding llama(s).)
  • Walk out in Front Street & find a group to walk/or run with. It's unusual that everybody will get a llama.
  • Select your llama(s) (and packs) from the owners next to their trailers. Talk to the owners.
  • Practice putting your pack on.
  • Line up for race.
  • Race starts a couple 100 yards northwest of starting line on Front Street (no llamas)
  • At the start gun, run down main street, near the yellow start line, put the pack on your llama and begin the race.
  • Remember as you go down the trail, orange ribbons will be on your right and pink ribbons on your left.
  • Follow the 3 mile course. The 3 river crossings will have helpers at and rope across the rivers to aid you in crossing. River depth and flow may vary from day to day, hour to hour this time of year, so be careful!
  • Near the end of the course there is a very steep hill to climb out of the river valley to the road at the west end of town, next to State Highway 9 to Breckenridge.
  • Continue the course though the northwest end of town on Front St. through the Old South
  • Park City to the finish line.
  • Hand off llamas to handlers near the finish line.
  • Enjoy the rest of your day.