The Fairplay Llama Event 2017 Task Signup Sheet

Saturday, July 29, 2017

A Race, Education and So Much More!

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Revised March 20, 2017
(Page will be continually updated as task leaders and helpers check-in.)


Tasks & Responsibilities

Time Frame Skills Needed How to do it Assigned Task Leader
Tasks 1  through 15 happen 1 week to 4 months before the race

Keep tabs on all task leaders; Solve problems

Help develop an instruction sheet for racers at check-in table.
On-going thru event
Organization and attention to details
- Can be handled with e-mails and phone calls. You are just checking on the progress of each task to ensure that everything comes together on race day.

Jeff Sandberg


Kelvin Eldridge


- Ensure that all registrations are completed in a timely manner. Collect money & checks by mail and at the event.
March - July
- 2017 registration form. Put it on website and make sure it has a release form
- Monitor website & mail for registrations.
- Complete in a timely manner. 
- Send acknowledgements. 
- Compile the list for race day.
Ron Hinds
- Ensure that sufficient and appropriate animals are at the race
During months prior to the race

-Contact those who have provided animals in the past and find new sources. Coordinate with volunteer in charge of registration to ensure there are sufficient animals.

Marcie Saska Agnew
- Ensure t-shirts are available for race day in correct quantity and sizes.
- Theme for this year's event (?)
Order in April; get them to the race
- Planning
- Artistic
- In 2016, 220 shirts were ordered.
- Use previous vender or find a new one.

Geri Rutledge


Jeff Sandberg

- Each person who completes the RMLA races gets a ribbon
Order in April
- Planning
- Artistic
- Order basic generic ribbons
- Get them to the finish line;
- Hand one to each person who completes the RMLA events.
Jeff Sandberg
-Create and/or print racer numbers and provide safety pins to attach them to the clothing.
Order in April
- Planning
- Artistic
- Hand one to each person that checks-in.
Beau Baty
- Ensure that an EMT and Vet is available throughout the day
Race day
- Local Fire Department should be there for EMTs
- There is a local Vet available-see Phone #s
- Contact Julie Bullock, Fairplay

VETs: Kathy Stanko

EMTs: unassigned

- Schedule delivery and ensure 2 Porta-Pottys are at Llama Camp
Contact local business to schedule delivery.
  - Contact Julie Bullock, Fairplay
- Contact Julie at the City of Fairplay
      Jeff Sandberg
- Go shopping locally.
    -Gather lists of 'needs' from other task leaders to ensure needed office supplies, refreshments, etc. are available on race day. 
- Have the necessary number of prizes available on race day
Prior to Race Day
- Contact Ron & Kathy for a list of previous donors.  New donors needed!
- Give everyone a colorful flyer for their window - Give donation RMLA tax sheet to merchants that provide gifts
- On-going
Start in March
    Ron Hinds &
Kathy Stanko

- Find out how this is done and follow up OR develop your own.
      Beau Baty and Jeff Sandberg
- Contact Rocky Mountain Rural Health; coordinate as needed
    - Rocky Mt. Rural Health runs the Lama Rama but would be good to touch base & coordinate with them.
Jeff Sandberg
- Find amateur photographer(s) to take photos and videos of race throughout the course.
Race day,
8:30am - noon
- Skilled using camera and video
- Take interesting pictures and videos of start of race, river crossings, on the trail, climbing hills, running, etc.
- 2 or 3 people needed
Josh _
Tasks 16  through 20 happen on the Friday before the race

- Mark a safe 3-mile course beginning at the Hand Hotel and ending at the Hand Hotel
- Three safe river crossings are needed with secure hand held safety ropes

-Create and Setup Race signs prior to the river area where orange and pink ribbons show the course

Friday prior to Saturday race.
Remove ropes and tape after race

- 2+ people
- 4 rolls pink surveyors tape. •4 rolls orange surveyors tape.
- Three 75-100 foot brightly colored ½" diameter poly ropes
- 2 people all day Friday & couple hours after race.
- You may want to go up earlier to scout the river crossings and the trail.  Gary Carlton may be available to provide guidance.
- Put the Pink tape on left side of the course.
- Put the orange tape on the right side of the trail.
- String ropes securely across the river crossings about two to four feet above river.

Toby Stensland

Kelvin Eldridge

Tasks 21 through 26  happen on race day
- Prepare speech for start of the race;
- Give appropriate 'thank yous' to sponsors, participants, ranches, etc.
- Start the Race
Friday & Saturday
- Announcer needs outgoing personality.
- PA system is provided by Hand Hotel
- Race starter thing: pop gun.
- Sally Rucker has provided the announcing in past years.
- PA system is provided by the Hand Hotel
Sally Rucker

- Set up check-in area by 8:30 for a 9 AM opening
- Give every racer is a given a race number.
- Use gazebo next to Hand Hotel.

About 2 Hours( 9am-11am) on Race day
- Organization
- Ability to work under pressure for a couple hours
- You will need list of pre-registrants, Cash box, race numbers, clip boards & pens, Safety Pins.
- 2-3+ people needed

- Check in racers;   
- Give them a number;
- Give them a t-shirt - Collect money
- Give directions on getting an animal;
- Direct to staging area.
- Hand out instruction sheet

- Be at or near check-in to make sure all participants have signed a release form.
Race day
-Could use several additional people to help
- Check names off list as each participants signs the Liability Release Form.  
- Help racers get set up with an animal
- Have handlers at end of race course to collect llamas
Race day
-Several additional people to help
- Determine if just racing or need a llama with a pack.
- Get llamas haltered and packs on the ones to race in the pack race
Kelvin Eldridge
- Accurately record start and finish data for each racer by their number.  For each race, everybody starts at same time.
Race day

- 2 people. 2 Stop watches w/ new batteries: (see Gary), 157/303
- Time sheets

- At the start & finish: record the racers gender; race number, name & time.
- Hand out Participant ribbons when racers cross the finish line
- Take the animals at the end of the race and return them to their owners.
End of Race
- Know how to handle llamas and alpacas

- Find the owners

- To ensure a safe race for all

Race day:
8:00am - last runner or walker has crossed.

- Will need 8-10 additional volunteers spread across the race course.
- Set up at least 2 qualified volunteers to help at each river crossing.
- Must have cells or walkie-talkies for any emergencies.
- Hwy 9 on west end of town to direct traffic away from South Park City. 
- South Park City Entrance gate
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