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The Rocky Mountain Llama and Alpaca Association came into existence when a group of about 40 enthusiasts met in 1982 in Monument, Colorado, and joined together in an effort to promote camelids to the general public and to help each other learn about the wonders of Llamas and Alpacas.  Among the founders were individuals interested in the use of lamas for their fiber and for packing and hiking; persons who enjoyed their companionship as pets, and serious breeders interested in breeding genetically sound animals.

   The founders were pioneers in promoting soundness and conformational strenths in lamas, sharing experiences for all uses of llamas and alpacas, and stimulating the beginnings of research. RMLA was incorporated in 1983, making it one of the oldest lama organizations.

     Today the organization solidly continues in the direction set by our founding members for the purpose of sharing information about llamas and alpacas with fellow owners and the general public. 



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Mission Statement:
The mission of the Association shall be to educate the members and the public as to the breeding, raising, care and use of llamas and alpacas.

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  RMLA is now in year serving and supporting the Camelid Community.
  • RMLA is dedicated to educating the membership and public about lamas with over 20 events planned for each year.

  • RMLA has an extensive library of books, magazines, brochures and videos available to members.

  • RMLA supports critical medical research.

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If you have any problems with the use of this website, or you need to contact someone in RMLA but don't know who, please hit 'GO" and send an email !

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